Not only does Lockhart Angus provide premium beef, but they deliver premium customer service as well. Lockhart Angus goes above and beyond to ensure their costumers receive a product that exceeds expectations. We have enjoyed their home-delivered beef products for the last year and we look forward to being a long-term customer to this great local, family-owned business.

Chad & Sally CARTER

St. Joseph, IL

We’ve been getting beef from the Lockharts for over ten years. We usually get a half a beef or a fourth of beef. We love the convenience of having the beef in our freezer and being able to get it anytime we wish. The quality is excellent and the service is great. If I ever need extra beef all I have to do is call and will have it within 24 to 48 hours.

Marty & Janet BREWER

Hoopeston, IL

We have been buying our beef from Lockhart Angus for six years. We find their beef to be full of flavor—it doesn’t even require add-ins like sauces or spices. Lockhart Angus not only provides superior taste but excellent customer service too. Markus places our order and delivers it to our home in a very timely manner. We highly recommend this family-owned business.

Shannon & Darci WILSON

St. Joseph, IL

Lockhart Angus is fantastic! Their meat is always great. We’ve been a customer of theirs for over five years. Their service is outstanding and I would recommend them to anyone who loves beef!


Ogden, IL

This was my first time buying beef in bulk and it was exactly what I’d hoped for! Markus kept me informed throughout the process and delivered my order all the way to Monticello. The beef is delicious, and I will definitely be ordering again. I would highly recommend to  Lockhart Angus to anyone!


Monticello, IL

My husband and I have bought many pounds of ground beef from Markus! It’s so good! The ground beef is so lean you don’t even have to drain it! It’s quickly delivered and my family loves it! We recommend buying your meat from Markus at Lockhart Angus!

Lucas & Kati SEELEY

St. Joseph, IL

I highly recommend Lockhart Angus! They provide quality meat at very competitive prices, and they deliver right to your door! Lockhart Angus has many beef bundles to choose from—or they will customize a package just the way you want it! I’ve been getting meat from the Lockharts for the past couple years and have never had a bite I didn’t enjoy!

Kyler & Nicole GORMAN

Ogden, IL

I purchased my first ½ cow this year from Markus at Lockhart Angus for me and my family of 5, and we have been 100% satisfied with every cut of meat—and especially the ground beef. Everything that we have eaten so far is very tender, very lean, and full of flavor. Having the beef delivered right to my freezer is very convenient! I love it that the cattle are locally grown and that I am buying from a small, family-owned business, just like our business. I couldn’t be any more satisfied than this. Thank you for your great customer service!


Paxton, IL

Lockhart Angus Beef is 5-star! We’ve had their ribeyes, filets, t-bones and sirloin steaks. Each cut is tender, juicy and delicious! The sirloin is amazing! Their ground hamburger never disappoints! We recently tried their hot dogs and summer sausage. More home runs in flavor and value. I also have to add that their packaging keeps the meat fresh even when we’ve bought extra to freeze. Can’t recommend this Illinois hidden-gem highly enough!


Paris, IL

If you’re looking for 100% Black Angus meat, Lockhart Angus is the place to go! We’ve gotten multiple cuts from Lockhart Angus and have never been disappointed! It’s great meat at a great price! We love buying from a local, family-owned business that’s been running for over 70 years. Whether it’s for a nice dinner, a special occasion, or getting a gift certificate for someone special, I recommend Lockhart Angus!


Hoopeston, IL

We ordered Lockhart Angus the first time for a family dinner. We chose a variety of meat and could not believe our tastebuds. The quality and taste was better than any of the fine dining restaurants we frequent. Our family was blown away and I felt great about feeding my family such a high-quality, nutritious, local food. Our family will be forever customers of Lockhart Angus.

Matt & Jessica WALSH

Phoenix, AZ

We challenge you to find a better product and service in central Illinois. We’re a family of five with three boys, and Lockhart Angus has become our sole source for quality meats. We got hooked years ago after having a phenomenal steak at a restaurant in Chicago and we found out they were the source. Missed them for a few years as we moved around, but finally back in the Midwest and thrilled they deliver to Indianapolis! 

Having lived in beef capitals of Northern California and Oklahoma, we can attest that Lockhart Angus is the premier option in Illinois/Indiana. Try it yourself, but leave some for us!

Nicolas & Catherine LONG

Indianapolis, IN

Excellent quality and service! We have been buying Lockhart Angus for over seven years now and have yet to be disappointed in any aspect of their quality or service. We generally buy New York strips, filets, and ribeyes which all go unmatched in terms of tenderness and marbling. Most of all we can’t live without the ground beef and hamburger. We usually buy 20–30 pounds at a time and our kids fly through it. They actually complain when we run out—so the home deliver is so convenient!

Troy & Andrea RAY

Royal, IL